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ONE OF SIXX; Formed in 95" the vision of Vikk Real and Dave Cadena,they played the Texas scene at a time when metal was losing it's hold on the world.Though sticking to their roots,they slowly faded into the underground. After only 1 year they went their separate ways.After a SIXX year hiatus, Vikk called out the heavy artillery with a powerhouse consisting of; 

The Band "ONE OF SIXX"
The Vox: Vocals : Vikk Real
Backing Vocals and Harmony Vox : Jeska Real
Lead and Rhythm Guitar : John"Hot Rod" Rodriguez
Lead and Rhythm Guitar : Dave Cadena 
Bass : Frank Granado
Percussion: George Arellano
Vikk Real =VOX ---American Indian(Chiraqawa Apache --- Kickapoo)
Born in Floresville, TX. = Dec.. 25th. Started singing at the ripe old age of eighteen; and landed the gig for "BYFIST" in the late 89.
First gig ever was at the Sunken Gardens in San Antonio,TX. in front of 4,500 people. Has world-wide recognition in the Metal world with BYFIST and FIARRO and did some side projects with the likes of DON VAN STAVARN and BOBBY JARZOMBEK of HALFORD and JUDAS PRIEST.
Recorded BYFIST E.P. in Burbank, California at SILVER CLOUD STUDIOS produced by DAVID WAYNE of METAL CHURCH and REVEREND fame and Joe Floyd of WARRIOR. Prompted touring and opening for the likes of FATES WARNING --- OVERKILL --- DANZIG --- SAVATAGE --- TROUBLE --- MAN'OWAR --- FRANK MARINO --- MSG --- and RIOT, just to name a few.
Jeska Real = Backing Vox --- Filipina
Born in Manila phillipines = july 27th. Started back up harmonies and keyboards in FIARRO for husband Vikk Real and sang and played keys in her band GINGER ROOT to which she played through Texas From Corpus --- Houston --- to Laredo --- and her native home of San Antonio, Tx. Now she is a very important powersource in One Of Sixx.
Jeska's influences are Lita Ford --- Ann Wilson( of Heart) --- Pat Benatar --- and a big Eigthies buff.
Dave Cadena = Lead and harmony guitar --- Mexican American --- Cheyenne Indian. Born??? Tx. Oct.. 16th. Started playing at the age of 16, played in Malikia,SlingShot Alley,and Genocide, Residing in San Marcus, Tx. he has been a force in the Texas scene, and brings a certain energy to band. His main influences are Chris Oliva (of Savatage) Randy Roads --- Iron Maiden --- Helloween --- Queensryche and the almighty Judas Priest.
George Arellano = Drums --- George was born on Dec.. 9,??, in San Antonio, Texas.He Began following in his older brother's footsteps at a very young age. Exploring the in's and out's of the art of drumming.With musical growth came along timing,speed and dynamics.With the influences of Neil Peart (Rush) and being self-taught he has built a reputation, and has devoted himself to his art. Making several appearances live around the area and in Mexcio;along with radio and television airtime. His favorite local bands that he has played with were Talisphere and *Fiarro; where he had the pleasure of meeting the muscial talents of Vikk and Jeska Real. When time permits from his muscial challenges with ONE OF SIXX , he also works on a side-project with a local instrumental band Bleedbox. In the future he plans to add his technical maturity and speed to the metal pounding to the force of ONE OF SIXX.
John Rodriguez(Hot Rod) = Lead Guitar --- Born Feb 17th 19?? in San Antonio,Tx. Started playing guitar at the age of sixteen self taught.  Played with ZERO THE HERO, BYFIST. Side project with Vikk and Jess called VENDORA with Jess on lead vocals, and Vikk on bass guitar.  Influences are MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND, FATES WARNING, IRON MAIDEN, DEATH, JUDAS PRIEST, RANDY RHODES. Joined ONE OF SIXX in the early year of 2002.
Bass = Frank Granado

Mexican American

Frank was born in Laredo, TX. On June 19th , 1976. He picked up the guitar at the age of nine and has not looked back. During Frank’s musical career, he has played for: MIDNIGHT, FORGOTTEN SOUL,BLACKEN and RAGE. While playing RAGE, he has shared the stage with TESTAMENT. Frank’s guitar playing abilities have added “electricity” to the bass guitar sound for the band. Some of Frank’s musical influences include: OZZY, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, SLAYER and “old school” METALLICA.

Music for the Masses :
So as for right now,One Of Sixx is gaining quite a large following in their native Texas, growing ever larger with each show!
One of Sixx has a sound from the past with todays edge which has gained them WorldWide recognition prompting reviews in Germany's Heavy Oder Was magazine,(FEB 05" issue.)and many others including fanzines,and even radio airplay in Greece,Slovania,The Netherlands,Brazil,Chile,Austria,Sweden,Serbia & Montenegro, Norway, Holland,and just recently Italy to name a few.One of Sixx will continue to bring metal back to all the people who keep the metal torch burning!So whenever One of Sixx is heard,you can be sure the metal will flow HEAVY and DEEP!!

Congratulations is in order for "One Of Sixx" we have been chosen to be on the next installment of "Metal Crusader-X (European Compilation CD), the song "Nite Ryder" has been chosen as our first European release!
Approximately 30,000 copies will be release