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kind: Us Power Metal
publication year: 2005
ballot: 8.5
One of Sixx  

linens up:
Vikk Real - vocals
Jeska Real - backing vocals
Dave Cadena - guitar
John Rodriguez - guitar
Rey Gone - bass
George Arellino - drums
This imposing directly lands from Saint Antonio aircraft carriers ready to uncouple its imposing bombs and to mietere a number of victims thanks to a truly encomiabili attitude and to one compositivo style. In fact for this its first official record escape the One of Sixx, used this strange and the ambiguous one monicker from ours, have truly decided to make the things in great, car producing itself a fantastic one ep of debut that, in duoi the twenty minuteren of duration, ribadisce once again that the ferment within the rinata scene metal American, stā carrying more and more to the new birth and interesting ready musical truths truly to all also promulgare the verbo of the true metal in the earth of the uncle Tom. One new musical truth, but only in part, also eprchč to read with attention the official biography of five texani in order to become account that, also this time, we do not have to that to make with of the unprovided ones, also why between the row of the band we find groups to you manipulates of optimal making musicians head to optimal screamer the Vikk Real, already member of the huge Fiarro and the Byfist, than in all these years it has been struck to tight teeth in order to ahead carry the own values and the own musical ideas succeeding, who more who less, to survive than music, that same music that gushes out vital and full of sudden start from it furrows of this splendid ep. To accompany our Vikk for this its new musical plan, we find in fact the bassista Rey Gone and the chitarrista John Rodriguez, anch' they previously in the Byfist, the band from which some members of the Reverend of the Wayne mourning came, the optimal chitarrista Dave Cadena and quoted drummer George Arellino, while to the backing vocals the formosa moglie of our Vikk finds its just position, Jeska Real. To pure musical level the One of Sixx many beloveds to a sure one power metal of stamp US move prettamente on sonorous territories style, compact and dynamic in the structure, with an architectonic inelaiatura carrying of sure effect, thanks to repentini sconfinamenti in field heavy/prog and from the amazing visions thrash that they make dgli One of Sixx just the provisions for a journey between band of the bore of Leviathan, Hitt Man, Heir Apparent and Lethal naturally. A delicate one melodia of hawaiana music, indeed strange like intro, us door to cospetto of openig track "the Simple Pleasure" a true soccer on the teeth rendered still more penetrating thanks to wall of sound a a lot imposing that ago of this power track a typical example of metal old style, copy is to ritmico level that solistico, thanks to rifferama a rich imposing of perfect interlaces chitarristici, interlaces that they make of contaminations speed/thrash on the following "Cry of the banshee" devout person more and more cutting and rich spirit and body to the cause of metal the American the Helstar/Liege Lord, yield still more perfect from vocalizes of a Vikk Real never tames. The third trace of this ep, that more perhaps succeeded of the lottery is for intensity that for espressivitā, is the amazing "Prelude to madness" a brano that inborn door with if those references towards proto tharsh of school bay an area that mirabilmente melt to those progressive contaminations that make of this brano just the provisions for a journey between the Fates more powerful and introspettivi Warning, and rinati the Heathen of capolavoro "the Breakin the silence", while to close this optimally succolento appetizer, thinks the power to us tout court about "Niteryder" that still calls in cause the phantom of metal the Us style, intriso of strong contaminations dark, of Metal Church, Nightcrawler and Hexx (who if it remembers them these? NbBeppe). Saying that the band has been recently chosen from the German magazine Metal Crusade in order to appear on the compilation to enclosed it, does not remain me that to send back you to the situated one of the band where you will be able to listen to some extract of this splendid job, always in the hope that someone notices naturally of they...
One of Sixx: the new way of the Us old style!!!

by: Beppe Diana


date interview: 31/05/2005


... when I am about myself to write of the lyric ones, beginning to before feel sliding of music, and after beginning to pull on a little thoughts...

One of Sixx, you mark the name of this band also why between some month you will feel some to riaprlare in entusiastici tones much of ours that ve we have them proposals like demo of the month on these pages. A band relatively little known from ours you leave, but that in nations like the Germany, they can already count on a hard hoof of gets passionate to you, thanks above all to a ep indeed sensational in which they meet partiture of power metal old style, and openings mainly tied to progressive metal of extraction an American, the all leaked through one personal member from these six boys optimally guide to you from the gruff Vikk Real, vocalist with a past in band of absolute thickness like Byfist and the Fiarro. You read this interview carefully and I recommend myself, gone to visit their situated one, of it is worth truly the pain, I swear!!!!

Hello Vikk and welcome on the pages of Defenders of Steel, in the first place thanks for your availability, I would begin with the classic question of ritom you want to introduce your One of Sixx leaving just from the genesis of yours moniker therefore particular?

First of all, large "hello" to all those that are faithful to the metal. As far as the name of ours band, initially I had conceived it like the name of a song, but more I repeated it, plus I felt it appropriated for our group. Therefore I said to Dave that One Of Sixx was the name, and was accepted endured without protests, indeed. The thing that appealed to than this name more to me, was that it did not reveal to nobody the kind of music from we dealt. You know, when you feel Slayer, you tasks endured to the thrash metal, if you feel Poison, images features of glam, but One Of Sixx does not say null.
The history of ours band instead is begun in the ' 93, after the issolution of the Byfist. In that period we had four ready songs hardly, and us they seemed po' little in how much we did not want to be pleased of a demo. We began to pull on something of interesting, however in that period our kind began to become underground, therefore we have left po' a taken one. In the 2000 the Byfist has gathered, and I have had the opportunity to newly meet with John and mo the better friend than always, Rey to me Gone, anch' they in first linens up of the Byfist. After the response positive you from public and critic under the name One Of Sixx, I have decided to resume with we the drummer Gorge Arellano (are successful to embed it while it was in the Fiarro) and my moglie Jeska Real, anch' it in the Fiarro, with the task to play keyboards and of backing vocals. The rest, creed that you know it.

Therefore who is the currently been involved musicians in the band and that experiences have maurato in other formations of your area?

Currently, the members deli One of Sixx are:
Vikk Real (main voice): former singer of the Byfist and the Fiarro, also has participated to side project with the bassista Don Van Stavern of the Riot (a this last today in the Pitbull Daycare);
Jeska Real (keyboards, secondary voice): it has sung in passed in the Fiarro, it has created a its personal plan (GyngerRoot), and has collaborated with the Byfist;
Dave Cadena (guitar): it has played with the SlingSlot Alley, Genacide, Malaki, and has collaborated to other small plans;
John (HotRod) Rodriguez (guitar): it has played in the Zero smaller The Hero, Byfist and other plans;
Rey Gone (low): fin' hour has played also with the Trubadour, Talisphere, Fiarro and Byfist;
Gorge Arellano (battery): in passed also with Intrickacie, Talasphere and Fiarro

That what is hidden really behind to a title it therefore strange like "U.D.Cide"

For how much it concerns the title it U.D.Cide (has the same one pronounces English of "you decides", that is "you decides" ndr), means in practical what it says. It is like if we proposed to our listeners this question: "Here our music. It appeals to to you or not? Six you to decide ". We prefer that our critics are ours fans us, to the fine ones are they makes to understand if six you on the just road or not.

Ok Vikk, duqnue after all these years passes to you professare the verbo of the true metal, than what tasks to have carried of yours passages experiences to the inside of this your new adventure?

After more than fifteen years, creed to have matured one sure experience. Before the time that I have played in the Byfist was in far away 1989. In that period I throwed to low head under the reflectors of the scene American without to think next to null, but however I was a child. Hour I know all the problematic ones of business of the field, and with all my experience I can help to guide the One Of Sixx towards the best. However, they are not the only expert person and with a little years on the road. Practically all the members have already accumulated of the not indifferent experience, and also they add to the band very.

You know one what, for being only a demo, your new job sound dannatamente heavy, for this I would want to ask to you, who has taken care itself of the production of the four brani? For a band relativamnete young as your task is the top, to you he appeals to like sound, or to the contrary cambieresti something?

The production has managed it a our great friend, Steve Wilbanks. It manages its professional study to Saint Marcus, Texas, in the same city where our chitarrista Dave Cadena lives. Steve has covered to us of much esteem, and being also he a great musician we knew that it would have made a job huge. The only thing that I would want to change in the disc is the battery. We have used the battery of the study, and that one played po' "a sand bank". In any case, creed that the entire disc has come recorded perfectly like we wanted.

A question that it always appeals to to me to porgere to the musicians, tasks that to the day today the use of the technology in a recording study is more a positive factor or negative?

Beh, depends, at least for me. The technology has made steps from giant, and hour you can increase your musical acquaintances in way the much widest one. However, it appeals to old sound the crude one to me, that it comes given off when one person sound with the own spirit.

To level of songwriting as one typical song of yours is born band? There is someone that has the honor or the burden of giving the start begin them, or everyone of you brings the own ideas then and the amalgamated ones in an only sonorous context?

Creed that functions in both ways. Some times John or Dave begin to pull outside of the riff, while I try to sing something that passes me for the mind. We begin therefore to take themselves in turn, to make irony, and then "BAMM!", we have one new song. Once found a base structure, we go everyone to house its and we see again the day after, showing as we believe can come arranged the piece. And therefore, as I make, we put ourselves to the job with the new piece like a hymn that it strikes to us in head for approximately one week. We train ourselves to house, and in the meantime I and John make of the copies on cassette to pass to the other members, so as to to render them aware of our progresses. We continue therefore finchč are not all of agreement and we try all together.
It is amusing, because often the songs change completely direction before showing their definitive aspect.

In my book review I have compared your sound to power metal a US style, with progressive infuences, tasks that have picked in the sign? How would describe you yours sound?

We repeat to the persons the same thing who you have as soon as said, and that is that the One Of Sixx plays classic metal with a new border! When we pull on a song, we make so that our infuences are reflected in our music. Our infuences, exactly, space from the Queensryche, Iron Maiden, Savatage, King Diamond, Helloween, Fates Warning, and obviously the omnipotent Judas Priest!

Many old ones get passionate you of music heavy rock rabbrividiscono when they read the term groove, but the same music of the One of Sixx is a lot groove even if to contempo also the much melodica, the result of the perfect synthesis of these two elements, therefore it would appeal to to know to me
if when you write your brani, you hold always account of this equilibrium or not.

At the moment we play what he comes give to us within, and creed that people appreciate us for this: we bring back them to the times in which the metal he dominated with force without R-nessun.problema! We do not stop ourselves to think on our limits or on our finances, we make only that that we will feel ourselves. Currently, we have one song with a rhythm groove called "Where Kings Lye"!. It is the preferred piece of Rey, and becomes much aggressive one towards the end.

What you can tell of your witnesses in particolar way of that legacy to "Prelude to madness" one to us of my preferred brani?

When I am about myself to write of the lyric ones, beginning to before feel sliding of music, and after beginning to pull on a little thoughts. When a title begins to introduce itself it in my mind, beginning to write the witnesses thinking next to this. It appeals to a lot to me to write of all the way of the life, all that that comes from far lands, medieval myths, legends or hidden truths of the life.
As an example "Prelude To Madness" speaks about the inner fight of a man to the taken ones with of the tragic memories of infancy, and the hard truth of being rejected from the society, conscious that the only healthy place that it knows is its house.
You know, we are thinking to shoot a video for this song, are trying actors and acclimatization. When we will have ended, I will make to know you and I will pass one copy to you. First one is not this our videoclip. We have already a video of "Simple Pleasures", recorded and editato from Mark Crutsinger and our Rey Gone. You would have to see it, is one figata!

Which kind of reaction has triggered the escape of your last hard work from study and qauke country has been demonstrated more receptive in your comparisons?

Fin' hour the response has been extraordinary! And they are still growing while we speak. We have received optimal book reviews in majority from the Low Germany, Slovenia, Countries, Austria, Brasi them, Chile, Sweden, United Kingdom, Greece and obviously Italy. We are ended also on the palimpsest of some radio, and the DJ have said to us that our pieces go enough well. Creed that the Germany is the greater nation that has given the response to us, but for this we must ringraziare Martin Brandt in order to have itself put in number 5 of February of the magazine Heavy Order Was: enormous thanks to he we have obtained response. But I hope that soon all Europe answers in the same way, and that it even can allow than to make some us tour. To never say never.

I know that you have planned the recordings of a new album, you can anticipate something to us in merit?

We hope to catch up the study to the July end in order to record a full lenght, I know that all expect more from ours band, therefore a new disc is in working. "U.D.Dide" will be our first album to being rilasciato to world-wide level. The songs space from the simple pleasures of the life ("Simple Pleasures") to the mythical one urlo of the salvatore of the world of "NiteRyder" in order to save the human race from the evil. For hour, the songs are ready, and have found people ready to invest, but we must still estimate the better offer. The new songs we have only shown to them in center live, and seem to have been a lot appreciated. Creed that the evolution of our style will be endured obvious, is always ours trademark, but the entire one band has acquired one new artistic mentality.

From that I have read on your situated one, it seems me to understand that the dimension live for you has one sure importance, true? It hopes to leave in tour this summer?

We are preparing two shows in particular. We appreciate the hard job that all put in the own ones bands, as we make, holding but of eye all the problematic ones of budget.
Here in the United States, it is the much most difficult one for the metal that in every other angle of the world. This is a nation dominated from the trends, if it does not seem like the large new band of the year, common people does not calculate to you neanche. You must fight hard in order points out you. Fortunately, the One Of Sixx is leaving the own traces. For hour we are between band the more rinominate ones in Texas, and this is only the beginning. Also we have received compliments from James Rivera (we have made an opening concert the Helstar), Jason McMaster di Dangerous Toys (we have made from shoulder also for personal its band, the Broken Teeth), and have received compliments also from many societies of production. To this point, me it is lawful to think that we are going in the just route.

Hey brother, I put the hands ahead, I know already your answer, as you have never decided to make the singer and not to dedicate you to some musical instrument?

To say the true one, it has been an incident. I have not never thought about being able to sing, and I wanted to play the bottom in the band of my friends of the advanced ones, but that role already was occupied. They were to the search of a singer, and after to have tried two determined persons to try anch' I to us. The first song that I tried to sing was "Breaking The Chains" of the Dokken. The drummer said me openly that my performance made to cagare, but 6 months after I found myself to my first concert in the Byfist. I have only continued to make practice and practical. When I introduced myself for the audition in the Byfist, they asked to me which song I wanted to try, and I answered "Take Hold Of The Flame" of the Queensryche. All remained of pebble in front of my performance, have been huge. (ps you know it that memory just how many years I did not have to the age)

What of Internet tasks, tasks is better the provisions for a journey in order to propose one band still little known like yours?

For the moment, the One Of Sixx has been on Internet solo from August 2004. Creed that Internet is huge, gives a fastest way to you to promote yours band. It employs least in order to introduce to us your name to people. Before you could employ 10 or 13 years in the cases it gets worse, we we are introduced in little months. He is incredible! It has been possible to realize our dream, without the net creed that ce we would not have never made it in therefore little time. They are indeed pleasing to Internet.

Now you allow me one small consideration to which the several of we of the situated one we hold not little, therefore, in the case band as yours the press of a cd had to be financed completely, sure personal satisfactions, therefore like the gain, would be greater of those obtained with the company for a major that, to the contrary, it would nearly expose to one greater gratification to you of insignificant public and critic but to gain or, what of tasks of this manageriale antite annosa?

Creed that if work hard, you can go alone with private yours label. The main thing in which it is comfortable to have the support of a major is that you do not have preoccuparti nearly of null: it is the label that ago all for you and exits the moneies, but you must repay it before seeing the first gain. I see the major as a bank of lend to you. The thing that but we find indefensible is that, being under the control of a major, it must be submitted to all and seeing own music cripple. I would be curious to see what would make these record houses for a band like the One Of Sixx, much more or less I have understood that we to us with our forces will have to see it always. A lot, if ce they have made it the Linkin Park, ce it can make anyone works hard.
After all, I want followups wide me of fans, but I want to make it with my hard job without to sell me to one major, and also to even earn in order to organize a tour enough world-wide.

As you see the scene classic metal world-wide of the last years, which are yours band preferred of the new course and which those with which six grown.. and if it is not too much, com' it is today the situation for a band of your capacity in the USA, does not have to be much easy, true one?

As I have said before, in the U.S.A. it is much difficult one. Many bands notes in Europe enter in the States and nobody seems to know them.
Preferred independent mine bands are: Thy Majesty, Ancestral, WolfBlitzer, Vesperian Sorrow, Magistral, OutWorld, Test of Fairies, and MindCrime. Preferred mine major bands instead are: Iron Maiden, Helloween, Judas Priest, Grim Reaper, Malice, King Diamond, Metal Church and Fates Warning

You feel Vikk, before the aim I would want that you remembered great master David lamented Wayne vocalist of the Metal Church affectionately, vā you?

David Wayne has been large a my friend. In fact, the first times in which I played in the Byfist, David came from any angle of the Califirnia was found in order makes me from coach, explaining to me as I would have had to involve to me from the alive one. First times were mine on a stage. Before the time that I saw was 1989, to the Sunken Gardens Theatre here in Saint Antonio, Texas. After we are becomes friends, and we participated to you with to the festivities often. I will always remember what it has made for me. Sure it will lack to me, and second me it will be always a icona in the world of the true one heavy metal. Nobody never will succeed in pareggiare with its only voice!!!

Ok, we are truly to the end, I leave the word you you conclude this interview in the way that you think more opportune....

We, One Of Sixx, want simply to show our appreciation to the fans of all the world for your impagabile support. You are that you have given band to the power to carry the torch of the metal! We hope a day to arrive to make concerts in Europe, and to succeed to meet our admirers of person. Thanks also to you, Beppe, and to all the staff of the Defenders of Steel, and all the Italian metallari!
You have cure, and you remember yourselves: YOU MAINTAIN the FAITH and CONTINUED TO MAKE HEAVY METAL!!!


One of Sixx

linens up:
Vikk Real - vocals
Jeska Real - backing vocals
Dave Cadena - guitar
John Rodriguez - guitar
Rey Gone - bass

interview by: Beppe Diana



U.D.CIDE (19:09 min.)

Oh, you read this criticism of a Underground production? Beautifully, because that means it that their interest in the underground have and in your purchase decisions after the defaults of the industry directs you and probably also no more support toward all this cloned volume has. If like that should be, then must set the name One OF Sixx completely above now for it after on your purchase list. One OF Sixx, stands for absolutely goettliche, typical US power Metal volume from San Antonio from the Lone star State Texas. Strong power Drumming, geile Leads and a front man with a high, strong and melodischen voice. Six persons (like many also otherwise?) educates these 2002 created troop, whose influences over Queensryche and Iron Maiden up to Judas praised rich and thus rather the classical melodisch progressive rail pursue. And exactly the same also the result sounds. Time lot fetzig, melodisch, progressively, aggressively and without compromises. Underground Fetischisten would be allowed to do parts of the crew perhaps already admit to be. So Fronter and power tube Vikk material could, when Apache sucked. Native American, already with volume the Fiarro and Byfist on itself makes attentive and has with latter also of them, of David Wayne (Metal Church/Reverend) produced, brought EP in. Also some the other members in Byfist, Fiarro, Talisphere, zero The Hero or other Combos experiences could collect. Also on board still the Texaner George Arellano (Drums) is, John Rodriguez on Guitar and Rey of gone as bassist as well as the Cheyenne Indian Dave Cadena to the second six Saitigen. In addition Vikks beautiful wife is listed in the LINE UP as Backgroundsaengerin with the native Philipina Jeska. However I do not hear its voice on the four TRACKS of the CD-R at all. Either it was at present the photographs not yet involved or however it functioned nevertheless more than eyecatcher, which I did not believe however. Songs to emphasize falls me heavily, but the Opener "simple Pleasures" strikes you immediately from the socks, while "Cry OF The Banshees" orders over geile of reef and Leads and the solo you almost splits the head. Nevertheless "NiteRyder" is with its phaenomenalen melody and Vikks ingenious singing lines for me the highlight demos. There are departures for the dull/musty oh tiger year demo production, which unfortunately costs One OF Sixx a whole point. Buy! Immediately!
HP: Shit drauf, the music is simple geil. Thus we do without the point departure because of the dull/musty sound! (you know now!)
9/10 - SBr

Out of Texas comes the band ONE OF SIXX, who definitely know how to play ‘real’ Metal, because that’s what they basically are doing on the 4 songs of their demo cd. The band was formed some 10 years ago, but this is the first time I hear something from them, which is a pity, because they sound VERY IMPRESSIVE! Their Melodic Metal sounds basically perfect, owing a lot to 80s FATES WARNING, early QUEENSRYCHE and VICIOUS RUMORS, which means strong melodic guitar driven metal with good harmonies during the choruses. Opener “Simple pleasures” shows right away we are dealing here with a very good band, because the band has a fantastic lead singer VIKK REAL (ex-BYFIST, a band we reviewed some time ago) and a superb guitarist (Dave Cadena I think, because they have 2 guitarists, but the one who plays the solo in the opening track surely can play very well). All 4 songs are filled with hooks and catchy melodic choruses, with tempo changes and guitarsolo’s in a way MAIDEN did in their heydays. This band is definitely something special and if I had a label I would not hesitate in singing this fantastic Texas based Metalband. Go check out their site at:  and e-mail them at: 

(Points: 8.7 out of 10)


 "U.D.CIDE" demo CD-R C 1999

Play time: 19:11 min

TRACK: Simple pleasures, Cry OF the banshee, Prelude ton madness, Nite more ryder

Occupation: Vikk material Lead Vocals, Jeska material bake UP Vocals, Dave Cadena Lead/Rhythm Guitars, John Rodriguez Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Rey of gone bass Guitar, George Arrellano Drums

Metal from Texas had always somewhat magic. So a sudden unrest overcomes nevertheless again and again somehow. The tension rises and one is anxious when inserting the Silberlings the fingers to be kept calm. With that available 4 Song demo I was particularly strained. Concerns it nevertheless with the front man Vikk material that surely most of volume the Fiarro and Byfist know and estimate themselves. Thus thereby the stylistic adjustment might be clear. Which by the other members to 1000 per cent is naturally converted also in such a way. Here different one than classical US power Metal does not come like we it expected from canned goods. I look forward anyhow already enormous to the planned album in the year 2005.
Who would like to know more about the volume or which wants to buy demo, should look times on the homepage


Texas Metal always had A magic touch.You GET nervoussomehow every time. Tension of rises and your finger more shiver when putting the CD into the more player.
I which very excited tons of GET tons hear this four song demo reviewed here for frontman Vikk material surely should wave known for his activities in Fiarro and Byfist. So the musical direction should clear.1000 % US power Metal just like incoming goods had expected. I CAN hardly await the forthcoming album. For information about the bound or how tons of GET this demo go tons

Translation: Peter Schulien

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One OF Sixx: And D Cide

Well please, the good Vikk material forgot nothing! After Fiarro and Byfist he has a new Combo at the start, which sounds in such a way on its first 4-Track-Demo with One OF Sixx, as one introduces oneself. Time-loose US, improves Heavy Metal, fully power and melody from the great Vocals Reals. The Sextett plays enormously tight and with Rey of gone has one in addition one quite decorations Bassistin at the start. It stands thus to a large career actually nothing more in the way, or? Wrongly! Of course crushers are much too good like "Nite Ryder" or "Cry OF the Banshee" for the common metalworker, who buys each month the check winner of sound of hammer. Therefore One OF Sixx are discussed also here. And therefore you contact the volume please immediately and order that demo, okay? And the first album has then please a hammer-moderate sound, okay?




(c)2005, Michael Kohsiek